Health Benefits, Reviews and Side Effects

In many speeches made ​​by American scientists took into consideration why NFL players used an extract made ​​from the horns of the deer in aerosol form, seeking to regain his triceps of annoying pains or even the season recovering from lacerations, this has been the talk of the sports world because there is no serious evidence to argue this, but the company that created it, demonstrated by their laboratory tests that can be an efficient alternative to drugs or synthetics.

Amid the controversy, many athletes from various disciplines such as basketball, golf, or tennis where the arms tend to suffer major injuries have used the spray to improve performance and recover from injuries allegedly, and although there is no absolute truth on the substance and its benefits, advertising that links deer antlers with a biological research on the growth of the horns may even surprise us.

Certain parts venano horn contains growth promoting hormone IGF-1 (insulin growth factor), which suggests that controls the rapid growth of antlers and as IGF-1 as a synthetic product is prohibited and is literally harmful all natural anabolic boost by drinking or use of a component not venano horn would do no harm, especially in bodybuilding.

Scientists cite that there are no conclusive studies indicating that supplementation with extract of deer leads to increased hormone levels or performance, one thing is real, that is the boom time justified or not, is being used as a blessing huge deer antler velvet spray extract suppliers with incredible demand, according to a report on ESPN.